I’m Armina

And I’m a digital learning architect

I work together with people and organizations that share my values, helping them grow, dare and experiment with their learning processes.
I created a series of tools and courses designed for people that are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Using these tools and courses, these people can learn to dare, to experiment and to fine tune their learning process to fit their personal needs.

My most recent course

agility essentials

If you want to be effective în your learning, you need to first know yourself - to know what makes you tick and to be willing to make a couple of changes. Whether you want to get that promotion you wanted for some time, or whether you have a personal hobby you want to excel at, it’s essential to know how to balance your efforts in order to succeed.

More courses and workshops soon
Available workshops

I created a planner that will help you Dare and Do

It will help you to finish what you started.It will help you to finish what you started.
The DareDo planner is a hybrid between a planner and a collection of self-discovery and planning tools. Its purpose is to help you get clarity about who you are and what you want to do. Is it for you? If you want to define and reach your goals and you are not sure how you could make it happen without getting frustrated in the process, then yes.

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If something works for me, I pay it forward

My career started early and was always defined by my desire to experiment, improve and learn.
I worked (and am currently working) with clients from all over the world, from solopreneurs to multinational corporations.
From talent development projects for IT people, to training sessions or translations, I have learnt how to design processes and goals and, most importantly, how to cultivate an action-oriented mindset.
Whenever I get the chance, I like speaking to other people about what I like to do, about my successes and my failures, and about every little thing that I get to learn from the professional and personal experiments I make.
Through the articles I write and through the speeches I sometimes give to audiences, my goal is to share my experience and help others carve their own path.

I make things happen for the people and organizations I work with

Workshop participants, solopreneurs, small companies or Fortune 300 corporations - everyone’s feedback is important to me and helps me to adapt continuously.
Our team found Armina as a great help in setting the curriculum for soft skills trainings, as well as for delivering them. She was able to mix theory with concrete practice, which kept our colleagues engaged during the months of training. As her experience is quite wide&diverse, i fully recommend her.

Monica Belduganu

HR Representative Endava

Armina is among the few people I know who combines the art of research with the art of creating very structured and complete training manuals, session outlines or presentations.
She is very creative but because she is also a doer, she is practical in her approach, so she manages to deliver useful materials who are adapted for many types of people and situations. I love working with her because she is always up to date and she is able to ask the proper questions so she can come up with the proper proposals
If you work with Armina you will have a partner who is always open to experiment, who loves to share and surprises you with more than one solution.

Andreea Dinu

Project Manager Școala de Valori

It's been a pleasure to work with Armina for the past 5 years on 6 training projects and counting. She is an impactful trainer, conceiving training programs from vision definition to practical implementation details. She is great at conceiving learning experiences tailored to youth and professionals. Expert game designer, she creates interactive activities which engage its participants to practice various skills. Future thinker, she is often few steps ahead in term of education methods, career counseling and entrepreneurship.

Armina will accompany your from needs analysis to follow up. Working with her will be a sure way to create a tailored program for your colleagues.

Herve Tunga

Coordonator Youth Trainers Academy

Armina is a passionate worker / boss with very clear objectives and goals. She always knows what she wants and how to get it. She will find solutions where normal people will never look, making her a specialist in solving problems no matter the knowledge area.

Cristian Tala Sánchez

CEO Pago Fácil

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