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If “Dare do!” is about yourself and your ability to put thoughts into action, “Inner Change” is about being and living.

In this 2h online workshop, I provide you with a toolbox of renowned self-discovery techniques that will put you on a path to (re)discovering your true self. Then, we meet for a virtual coffee and talk about what you found out about yourself after having tried some of the techniques from this toolbox. It’s not therapy. Nor is it counseling. It’s just a virtual workshop where ideas clash, a place where everyone can enjoy being themselves and where people reflect as to how they have (or haven’t) changed in time. It’s also a place where one can think about the changes that they wish to make. It’s just some quality time that you spend with yourself, a pampering session for your soul and for your mind.

I created this experimental workshop based on the idea that each one of us needs some self-love above all else. Like spending some time in a hair salon enjoying the pampering, this experience, centered on the self, allows you to enjoy a journey into your mind. It’s a 2h journey during which I will act as your guide. You can get your hair cut afterwards.

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