My mission

I want to congregate a tribe of people, a community in which everyone has the tools to reach their goals, a group în which each person is comfortable to openly share both their successes and their failures. By doing what I do, I wish to inspire people to live a conscious life, to live with intention, attention and courage. I want to push people to keep rediscovering themselves through learning, exploring and evolution.

My role:
Digital learning architect

I create learning contexts that help the people and organizations I collaborate with to evolve and keep up with the world we live in.

I use my creativity to solve problems.

I facilitate successful transformations at a systemic level.

Speak your mind

I don’t hide my weird ideas, my fears or my failures. I unleash my thoughts, ideas and feelings when I feel that other people might be able to find a solution based on my experiences. I like telling things as they are and helping people take down their rose-colored glasses, even in situations where this might hurt some feelings.

Added value only

I always strive to do things that matter for the people I collaborate with, and I strongly believe that, în order to do this, I must say “no” to people and activities that don’t bring added value.

Always be learning

I believe that one should not simply memorize and forget, but use that knowledge în practice. I’m curious by nature and feed on constant innovation and knowledge. I’m not afraid to say “I don’t know”, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a quitter - I don’t give up until I find a solution. As I see it, there are new things to learn all the time, from anyone. By constantly learning, I manage to create solutions that help others fall în love with learning too.

Why do I do what I do?

Through the content that I put out - be it courses, speeches or articles - I want to inspire people to:
       • dare more
       • make better decisions
       • take a break
       • make a change
       • redesign their life
       • learn new things and upgrade themselves
       • discover their true self
By doing what I do, I aim to inspire the people around me to live more conscious, more intentive lives.

How do I do this?

The content I create is designed to help you get unstuck. It’s meant to help you roll up your sleeves and start doing things. It will empower you to sharpen certain skills and competencies that will help you on your way to make your dream come true.
I use practical methods and scientifically validated tools. When we debate something, we debate around proven theories.
I believe in doing things the right way. I believe that the results you want can be reached, but you need constant effort to reach them.

More about me and my professional path
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