Weekly Zoom meeting every Saturday for 3 consecutive weeks

his is a 3-week program on the art and science of learning how to learn.
It’s been 10 years since my first experience with self-directed learning as a trainer. I have used this learning strategy in many programs, but haven’t done a program specialized on this specific topic until December 2020. I designed it and organized it in Romanian first and now it’s available in English too. The Learning Agility Essentials program was created for the companies that want to develop or sharpen the learning agility skills of their employees. It is fit for people who want to design a self-directed life and who need a start with practical tools and a solid knowledge foundation on the topic in just 21 days.
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This program contains

3 live, online workshops with Armina with weekly homeworks and objective feedback from the trainer

100 hours of knowledge and learning experiences structured in 5 steps that can be done with a minimum investment of 18 hours during the 3 weeks program

3 toolkits with dozens of tools to train your learning agility by yourself

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Agility Essentials

If you want to be effective în your learning, you need to first know yourself - to know what makes you tick and to be willing to make a couple of changes. Whether you want to get that promotion you wanted for some time, or whether you have a personal hobby you want to excel at, it’s essential to know how to balance your efforts in order to succeed.
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The 5-step process we use to help you learn anything faster, easier, and headache free

1. Set goal
You will choose a learning or development goal that is truly relevant for you, as your aimed result for the Learning Agility Essentials program.
2. Plan

I will help you design a learning plan, a scientifically-certified way of learning effectively.
3. Learn
For 7 days, we will test the plan together and you will learn what suits you best when it comes to self-directed learning.4. Show
You will talk about what you learned, because this is the best way to solidify the things you learn.
5. Reflect

You will reflect on your experience during the 21 days of this program, and make decisions for the next steps.

For 21 days, for each week, we prepared:

• One live Zoom webinar / week, on Saturdays, from 10:00 to 11:30
• Practical exercises. Some are serious, some are...well, not so serious. Having fun is one of the best ways to learn.
• A virtual workspace for your learning experiments, friendly for the whole group
• Constant personalized feedback and coaching from my part
You may not be able to take part in each online meeting. That’s ok. You will be able to access the recordings of these meetings at any time, so you don’t miss a thing. Also, if you purchase a ticket to this workshop now, you will be able to attend two different sessions: this one, and the one after it. This offer stands until the end of 2021.

21 days, 100 hours of knowledge and only 18 hours of learning

Pay once and attend twice. You can now attend a second session of the same workshop for free, until the end of 2021.

Within 48 hours of signing up for this workshop, we will send you your invoice via email. After the payment is confirmed, you will be granted access to the login details needed for the workshop.
Payment can be made only via bank transfer, and is required before the planned start of the workshop.

Things you need

• 18 hours of your time during the 3 weeks of the workshop - either on Saturdays for the live Zoom sessions (10:00 - 11:30), either during the rest week if you plan on only watching the recordings of the live sessions
• a way of taking notes (app, notebook etc.)

Here’s what other attendees said about this workshop

  • I appreciated this workshop a lot. The quality of the information is really good and the workshop combines exercise with theory and working in groups for reflection, inspiration and next steps to take to put things into practice. Thank you Armina for always being willing to give feedback throughout the various stages of the learning plan.

    Diana Pavlenco
     Training Services Professional la OMV Petrom

  • An excellent, well-thought course. Rich in well-researched content, but still flexible enough so that you can go through it at your own pace. The support system is very useful and the advice I was given during the workshop was adapted to fit my specific needs. I fully recommend this workshop.

    Liviu Gales 
    Product Manager la Bridgestone EMIA

  • Thank you for the resources and for patiently guiding us through this personal process. The practical exercises, the bonus resources about learning and the simple structures meant to make us put things into practice were all very useful. The fact that you reminded us that it’s not about being perfect, but about starting to do things also helped a lot.

    Flori Coceanu 
    Freelance Career Consultant

  • Learning never ceases, and neither does your enthusiasm, Armina! You’ve managed to show me that, if I follow a series of small, but carefully planned steps, I can reach the goals I want to reach.

    Ana Maria Nita

  • A condensed course about learning, in which I found out that it’s important to link my learning objectives to who I am and what I want for myself. If I do that, and use the resources available to me, my chances of getting the results I want will increase. The written content, the videos, the multitude of sources - Armina gathered all of it in order to help you find out more about how to learn, and how to do it effectively. Thanks, Armina!

    Alexandra Rus 
    Product Development Analyst la E.ON Energie Romania

  • If you can’t manage to finish the tasks you start, if your life tends towards chaos more than towards balance, then this course is definitely for you. Armina is a pro, a mom, a person you can talk with about many things and you’d never get bored. In this course, not only does she offer you some quality resources, but also some personal experiences that help you understand the applicability of each individual tool. She helped me figure out the mistakes I was making in my learning process, she helped me be more motivated and realize that time is my most important resource. 🙏🏻💓Give yourself a gift and learn to learn.🤩

    Cristiana Tudorache
     DE Advisor la Teleperformance

  • Armina’s course helped me understand what and how I should learn if I want to become what I want to be. It managed to put some order in my thoughts and clarify my personal objectives versus my learning objectives ( I want to have a business vs I want to understand what being an entrepreneur means in Romania in order to figure out if this is the right thing for me).
    I 100% recommend it. :)

    Sabina Mihailescu
     Co-founder Eduprenoria

  • Very insightful, well-structured, and professional. Pleasant, too. You feel good, it’s an interactive experience. I like that Armina mixes several aspects concerning productivity based on scientific research and lays them out in a nice puzzle that’s laced with her own insights and examples from her personal experiences. This helps a lot and gives a lot of added value. Her passion, sincere approach and authenticity (and her deep dive into researching each topic) were the things that drew me to this course. Armina likes to focus on solving the root cause of the problem one can have with learning, instead of just presenting a generic course. I had several insights during the workshop, and this doesn’t often happen when I’m taking such courses. I think it’s the first course of its kind in which I’ve said “Yes! I have some a-ha moments” and I’m grateful to Armina for that.

    Cristiana Stanciu
     Studenta Royal College of Art

  • I’ve managed to recognize some of the bugs I had when I previously sat down to learn. Something wasn’t working. But, through this workshop, I managed to take a step by step approach to figure out what doesn’t work and to take some action in this regard. The methods are super useful. The self-reflection part helped me a lot. And I really liked the process of creating the learning plan (not the plan itself). I liked the fact that I managed to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in my learning process. Loved it.

    Corina Ionescu
     Assitant Manager la Lidl Romania

  • After I took part of this, my conclusion was: this should be made part of the high-school curriculum. Armina is very passionate about this subject and you can clearly see that she does this because she wants to spread the word about these learning tools to as many people as possible. After each session, each person will definitely manage to find something relevant for them and to choose some tools fit for their learning style. Thanks again Armina for this course!

    Cristina Stroe

  • I liked the course a lot. I learned some new things and the examples that were given helped me assimilate the information better and faster. Thank you.

    Cristina A.

  • Armina, you rock :) And I’m not just saying this because I know you. I’m saying this because, during this course, one can clearly see that you REALLY CARE. You care about people, about their evolution, you want them to fulfill their potential, and you serve as a friendly guide throughout the course.

    Iris Ursea

  • Armina’s course was like an imbold, a kick in the rear that helped me unlock some learning subjects that I kept putting off.

    Vali Tudor
     Student Inginerie Aerospatiala la Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

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