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Learn new stuff! 3 things to do and my #20days story

The wish to learn something new is driven by need or curiosity. It’s also good for your brain to keep it young, but I know very few people who learn something new because of that.

Let’s say it’s need that drives you. Your journey won’t be easy. You do it because you have to. If you are lucky to enjoy it after a while, then you will learn more and get better at it faster. Otherwise it might become a very difficult journey and not pleasant at all. But because you have to, there is a bigger chance you might finish it. Get that certificate of completion, know how to carve wood or become a master in SCRUM.

What drives your learning keeps you going when the road gets tough.

If curiosity drives you, the learning journey will be very exciting at the beginning. Then as the learning curve gets steeper, the more dull it gets. The bigger the chance to quit.

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