Inner Change

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If "Dare Do!" it's about your life and about "doing", "Inner Change" is about "being".

In this 2-hour online workshop I provide you with a box of famous self-knowledge tools and I invite you to a journey of self-(re) discovery. Then we meet at a "virtual coffee" and talk about what you found out about yourself after trying a few tools in the box. It is neither therapy nor counseling, but simply a "virtual brainstorming workshop" in which everyone enjoys who they are and reflects on how it has changed (or not) over time. Eventually and how he wants to change further. It's quality time for you, pampering for the soul and mind.

We created this "concept workshop" starting from the idea that we all need a little "self-love" before anything else. Just as you spend time at the hairstylist and enjoy the whole experience, you can also enjoy the context we created in "The Change in You". The trip lasts 2 hours and I will be your "snake", you can take care of the haircut then.

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