Learning Agility Essentials

Course duration: 3 weeks
100 = 18. How is this possible? Well, we have transformed and archived 100 hours of knowledge and learning experiences in a minimum of 18 hours required, time you invest in just 3 weeks.
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5 steps that will help you learn easier, simpler and faster

  1. Set goal
    If you already have a goal set, that's great. If not, I will guide you to choose one that is very relevant to you.
  2. Plan
    I will help you create a learning plan, a tested and highly appreciated tool.
  3. Learn
    For 7 days we will test together the plan created in step 2 and we will learn what suits you best.
  4. Show
    Yes, you will present what you have learned. Don't worry, we're not taking you to the blackboard. Through this process you will learn more and I am sure you will like it.
  5. Reflect
    We will summarize the experience and draw conclusions about how your individual process went and the possible decisions you started thinking about.

For 21 days, for each week, we prepared:
• A live online / weekly meeting, Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 on Zoom
• Practical exercises, some deeper, others more fun, because we have to have fun learning
• A friendly virtual work and learning space for the whole group
• Constant feedback and personalized coaching from me

You may not be able to attend all your online meetings, but you don't have to worry about that. You will have access to the recorded meetings at any time so that you can benefit from the whole course program. In addition, if you purchase the course now, you will be able to attend two different sessions, this and the next. until the end of 2021. That's right, in case you want to remember something or you want to go deeper.

Inner change

If “Dare do!” is about yourself and your ability to put thoughts into action, “Inner Change” is about being and living.

In this 2h online workshop, I provide you with a toolbox of renowned self-discovery techniques that will put you on a path to (re)discovering your true self. Then, we meet for a virtual coffee and talk about what you found out about yourself after having tried some of the techniques from this toolbox. It’s not therapy. Nor is it counseling. It’s just a virtual workshop where ideas clash, a place where everyone can enjoy being themselves and where people reflect as to how they have (or haven’t) changed in time. It’s also a place where one can think about the changes that they wish to make. It’s just some quality time that you spend with yourself, a pampering session for your soul and for your mind.

I created this experimental workshop based on the idea that each one of us needs some self-love above all else. Like spending some time in a hair salon enjoying the pampering, this experience, centered on the self, allows you to enjoy a journey into your mind. It’s a 2h journey during which I will act as your guide. You can get your hair cut afterwards.

Dare do

“Dare Do!” started with my release of the DareDo Planner, a planner on life design that you can fit into your pocket that allows you to plan out a whole year as you see fit. After a couple thousands of sold copies, I decided to offer this planner for free in digital format. You can download it here. Based on the planner, I then built an in-person course that I delivered to a couple hundred people in several contexts, corporate programs or personal development workshops.

Then, I recreated this course and adapted it for online delivery.As time went on, I used the techniques and information in this course during various projects and camps, delivering it to thousands of young people which are now familiar with the “Dream, Plan, Dare and Do” formula. If you want to find out more about this formula, know that I gave a speech at TEDX Thessaloniki in 2018 on this topic. You can see the full speech here: https://www.ted.com/talks/armina_sirbu_dream_plan_daredo